University of Technology, Katowice, Poland

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Founder - Chancellor:

mgr inż. arch. Arkadiusz Hołda


prof. WST dr. Aleksander Ostenda


mgr Magdalena Wierzbik-Strońska

Prorector for Medical Affairs:

prof. zw. dr hab. n. med. Andrzej Bochenek

Vice-Rector for Quality of Teaching

Professor Dariusz Boroń, MD, PhD

Vice-Rector for Education:

Professor Andrzej Madej, MD, PhD

Dean for the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Applied Arts:

dr inż. arch. Jakub Świerzawski

Dean of the Medical Faculty:

Grzegorz Religa, MD, PhD

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs
Michał Ekkert, MD,PhD

Vice-Dean for Science and Development:

mgr inż. arch. Sylwia Pawlikowska-Musiewicz

Vice-Dean for Science and Development:

mgr Aldona Kania

Vice-Dean for Quality of Teaching

dr inż. Katarzyna Łuczak

From the Rector

The Katowice School of Technology is a non-public school offering stationary and non-stationary studies as well as postgraduate studies for more than 15 years. We have been educating students in several fields of study, including architecture, interior architecture, civil engineering, design, spatial planning, mechatronics, computer science, and graphics. The School’s mission is education of Bachelors, Engineers and Masters according to a system compliant with contemporary European standards. Starting in the academic year 2018/2019 a medical field of study was launched at the Faculty of Medical Sciences. The Katowice School of Technology has also received consent to begin education at the Nursing field of study. Furthermore, we also undertake numerous science, research and development tasks.

An advantage of our school is its lecturers who ensure a high level of education as well as establishing positive relations with students. The school infrastructure, including well-equipped workshops and laboratories allow us to keep high standards of education and provide students with great satisfaction. The graduates of our School always find work in line with their majors.

The Katowice School of Technology collaborates in the academic and didactic dimension with foreign universities and research institutions based on concluded agreements. The possibility for a joint diploma in some fields of study is one of the many results of international collaboration. Our School participates in the Erasmus+ Higher Education sector, which is a European Union program in the field of education, youth training and sport for the years 2014-2020. Our partners are schools from the European Union as well as outside, including TECHNISCHE HOCHSCHULE NURNBERG GEORG SIMON OHM GERMANY, NUREMBERG and ALTINBAS UNIVERISTESI, TURKEY, ISTAMBUL in the field of architecture.

Our school cooperates with both the national and local administration, as well as the cultural and industrial community. A Council of Employers is active at the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Applied Arts, with the main goal of verifying educational programs as far as the needs of partners representing industry.

The interests of students both in School and outside are represented by the Student Government which is made up of all students of the Katowice School of Technology, with its executive organ being the Student Government Board. The Student Government has a real influence on the functioning of our School through participation in the Senate, where general school issues are discussed. The School Sports Club AZS WST allows students and school employees to actively spend their time and develop their skills through sport and unforgettable moments. The club has sections in volleyball, basketball, futsal, and alpine skiing.

A Training and Education Center functions within the framework of the Katowice School of Technology, possessing an extensive offer of courses regarding safety, business, esthetic medicine, fashion, art and design, technology, beauty and health. The staff is made up of persons who possess the appropriate preparation and professional experience.

Starting in 2019 we have begun implementing educational services based on specialist courses for doctors who participate in projects concerning the development of specialist education for doctors in fields relevant for the epidemiologic and demographic needs of the country, financed by the European Union, from the resources of the European Social Fund, within the framework of the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development.

I would like to encourage everyone to study at the Katowice School of Technology, participate in courses and establish close cooperation in the fields of didactics and academics.

Rector of the Katowice School of Technology Mr. Piotr Litwa, Ph.D., Eng.

Chancellor - mgr inż. arch. Arkadiusz Hołda
Founder - Chancellor
mgr inż. arch. Arkadiusz Hołda

Rector - prof. WST dr Aleksander Ostenda
prof. WST dr Aleksander Ostenda

Prorector - mgr Magdalena Wierzbik-Strońska
mgr Magdalena Wierzbik-Strońska

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