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Required documents Application procedure 2019/2020

The students who would like to study in Katowice School of Technology within Erasmus+ Programme should be nominated by the international office of their universities. Please nominate the students including the following information and sending it to

  • name and surname of the student
  • date and place of birth
  • email address
  • subject area
  • level of study
  • proposed period of stay (indicate the term please)

Once the students are nominated they should follow the application procedure

Application deadline:
spring term: 15th November
winter term: 15th May


  • Application form
  • Transcript of records
  • A copy of passport (EU members can send a copy of ID card)
  • Learning agreement
  • A copy of EHIC card – however, it is strongly recommended to buy an extra insurance as the card does not cover all the necessities

All the documents should be signed where necessary, scanned and send via email to

Required documentsSemester dates

Spring term: usually lasts from the end of February till the middle of June + examination period (till the beginning of July)

Winter term: usually lasts from the beginning of October till the end of January + examination period (till the middle of February)

Required documentsLanguage requirements

All the students who would like to study within Erasmus+ Programme in Katowice School of Technology should meet the following language requirements: English B2 or Polish B2

Required documentsCourse Calague 2019/2020

Language of instruction of all the subjects: English

Architecture - Bachelor's degree programArchitecture - Bachelor's degree program

Interior Design - Bachelor's degree programInterior Design - Bachelor's degree program

Interior Design - Master's degree programInterior Design - Master's degree program

Civil Construction - Bachelor's degree programCivil Construction - Bachelor's degree program


Fashion DesignFashion Design

Graphic DesignGraphic Design

Required documentsGrading system

Katowice School of Technology grading system

  • 5,0 (A) – excellent/very good
  • 4,5 (B) – fairly good
  • 4,0 (C) – good
  • 3,5 (D) – satisfactory plus
  • 3,0 (E) – satisfactory
  • 2,0 (F) – unsatisfactory (fail)

Pass: 3,0 – 5,0
Fail: 2,0

Required documents VISA

No visa is required from the (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) member countries. All citizens of non-EU/EEA member countries who wish to study in Poland are required to obtain a Polish visa prior to their arrival to Poland.

Required documentslegalization of stay

Legalization of stay: Students who are going to stay in Poland for longer than 3 months should obtain a temporary residence permit at the Silesian Voivodeship Office.

Silesian Voivodeship Office
Department for Citizenship and Foreigners

Address: Katowice, ul. Jagiellońska 25
Phone: +48/32/207 73 27

You can find more information here:

To get more information about staying in Poland visit the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website:

Required documentsInsurance and healthcare

EU citizens are obliged to have their EHIC card. However, students should buy some extra insurance as EHIC does not cover all the costs.

Detailed information about healthcare in Poland can be found on the website of the National Health Fund

More information about healthcare in Poland:

Required documentsHousing


Required documentsUseful links

Useful links:

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