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mgr Małgorzata Małoszyc (English)
dr Aleksander Ostenda (German)

phone: +48/32/60 72 423

Katowice School of Technology
43 Rolna Street, Katowice, Poland

Required documentsECTS System

The recognition of the study period abroad for the outgoing students of Katowice School of Technology is based on rules of the statute of our school. To satisfactorily complete the term, the student needs to receive between 27 to 33 ECTS credits. However, to complete a full academic year the student needs the total of 60 ECTS credits. If the outgoing student does not receive a required number of the ECTS credits, the term will not be recognised or the student will have to get the lacking credits during the following term. However, such a procedure must be accepted by the Dean of the particular faculty.

Required documentsLanguage Policy

Each student attends language classes during the studies. The student studies one or two foreign languages (it depends on the syllabus which is different for different faculties). The language courses last from 120 hours (the minimum) to 240 hours (the maximum). When students enroll for the studies they are asked to define what their level of English and German is. Then, when students are admitted, it is verified with the placement test. Katowice School of Technology offers general language courses, however, if there are advanced groups of students they can study e.g. professional English.

For students who want to take part in the Erasmus programme, it is obligatory to pass a language test.

Required documentsLanguage Support

For the incoming students who are interested in Polish, there is a possibility of organizing a special Polish language course. We will also offer them a language support in everyday situations. Some of our administrative staff speaks English so there should be no problems with communication.

Moreover, all incoming students can attend language courses (English and German) offered by our school.

Required documentsRecognition Procedure

All outgoing and incoming students must provide a language agreement, which should be accepted (and signed) by both partner universities.

The outgoing students must receive the proper number of ECTS credits which is required to satisfactorily complete the term. All these activities which were indicated in the learning agreement (and completed satisfactorily) count towards the degree.

Katowice School of Technology provides the incoming participants with a transcript of records, which contains a full and accurate record of their achievements in our institution.

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