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All detailed information regarding recruitment conditionis for the field of study of medicine can be obtained at the following phone numbers 0 609 599 998 / 0 693 693 886 / 0 605 669 998


Education at the field of study of Medicine will be conducted as stationary and non-stationary studies Theoretical and practical classes will be implemented based on programs developed on the basis of guidelines contained within the education standards for the medical field of study. Education will encompass subjects from general sciences whose curricula will be updated as needed. Classes encompass groups of subjects within the framework of:

  • morphological sciences,
  • scientific basis of medicine,
  • behavioral and social sciences with elements of professionalism,
  • clinical sciences - non-surgical interventions,
  • clinical sciences - surgical interventions,
  • legal and organizational aspects of medicine.

Teaching will take place using modern didactic techniques, computers, educational programs with access to the Internet including the PathXL e-learning platfrom system, supplementing classes at the patient’s bedside, and also within the framework of the Center of Medical Simulation. Within the framework of practical classes the student will learn how to apply the acquired knowledge for the needs of diagnosis and therapy of each individual disease. Practical classes will be completed at clinical laboratories, diagnostic workshops as well as hospital wards and outpatient clinics. During practical classes each student is obliged to independently perform medical tests specified in the curriculum under the direct supervision of the assistant conducting the exercise classes.

The candidate should:

  • be a person resistant to stress
  • be able to cope with and make appropriate decisions in extreme situations
  • easily establish interpersonal contacts
  • be able to work with other people
  • be interested in affairs of people
  • be perceptive and able to think logically


Implementation of the mission within the framework of academic education at the Medical field of study is based on a network of renowned hospitals of the Silesian Voivodeship employing independent academics. Hospitals with which we have concluded agreements on cooperation are some of the most distinguished medical centers of the Silesian Voivodeship. Classes shall encompass lectures, seminars and exercise classes as well as facultative classes regarding the monographic aspects selected by the students. Teaching will also take place in the form of integrated and multidisciplinary classes. Classes will be conducted by employees of various didactic units, in order to ensure the most current presentation of a given thematic scope.


6 years (12 semesters) – the final year is made up of practical clinical teaching encompassing classes (seminars, exercises) implemented in clinics and hospital wards or under simulated clinical conditionis within the framework of the major (internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, psychiatry, emergency medicine, general medicine, selected clinical specialty training) for a specified number of weeks.


A graduate of Medicine possesses the theoretical and practical skills necessary to practice the profession of a doctor .Within the framework of his abilities he can properly diagnose medical problems and specify priorities as far as medical management, can diagnose life-threatening conditionis and those requiring immediate doctor’s attention, can plan diagnostic procedures and interpret their results, implement the appropriate and safe therapeutic procedures as well as predict their effects. The modern knowledge and abilities acquired by him allow to carry out treatment on a level correspondent to the highest standards while maintaining ethical principles. The graduate receives the title of doctor and is prepared to undertake Ph.D. studies, carry out research and disseminate its results as well as teach the profession.


  • public and private healthcare facilities
  • research institutions
  • research and development centers
  • institutions dealing with medical counseling and dissemination of knowledge regarding pro-health education


The university ensures students with free of charge summer internships, after each year of studies in medical units and hospitals with which agreements have been concluded. Internships last 4 weeks.


  • Recruitment is conducted until 15 July.
  • In case of not filling up all the available places, a supplementary recruitment is announced which lasts until 31 August with a possibility to extend it further until 15 September.
  • recruitment fee in the amount of 100 PLN paid at the time of submitting documents as well an entry fee in the amount of 2400 PLN paid at the time of signing the contract for the provision of education services

field of study

type of study
uniform Master’s studies

mode of studies
stationary studies
- duration: 6 years (12 semesters)
- tuition per semester: 20 000 PLN (5 payments x 4 200 PLN)

stationary studies – conducted in English
- duration: 6 years (12 semesters)
- tuition per semester: 28 000 PLN (5 payments x 5 900 PLN)

non-stationary studies
- duration: 6 years (12 semesters)
- tuition per semester: 24 000 PLN (5 payments x 5 000 PLN)

- classes are to be conducted partially on the weekends and partially in the afternoons during the week, clinical/practical classes to be conducted during the week
- class schedule contains the same amount of hour as stationary studies

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